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Temperature calibration for measuring chains of industrial dryers

Company Calibration (WKD) Services / DKD-accredited Calibration Services 

We offer on-site calibration services to enhance the safety of your technical installations. Quality management systems require that the precision and reproducibility of your products are established. These requirements include periodic calibration of thermal installations and equipment.


We use special DKD-checked measuring equipment to record the values reported by measuring chains (resistance thermometers and temperature displays) installed in drying chambers and continuous feed ovens. Following on-site company calibration (WKD), we issue a calibration certificate which states the measured values along with the respective uncertainty of measurement. 


Using DKD-approved measuring equipment and DKD-certified reproducibility of measured values, we calibrate other equipment so as to arrive at binding standards for your plant. This will enhance the competitive standing of your company at the national and international levels.

Our accredited calibration procedure complies with DKD-R 5-1 Guidelines.


Why is it necessary to calibrate thermometers? 

Thermometer readings drift with use. As a consequence, an indefinite statement of validity cannot be made for measured values established in the course of a single calibration procedure. Calibration interval depends on various factors: thermal strain i.e. exposure, duration and rate of increase, mechanical strain e.g. vibration and shocks as well as chemical strains: diffusion of substances, structural transformation of substrates.


When it is established that the drift is constant, then the recalibration interval can be suitably adjusted.

We will be happy to make you an offer to calibrate measuring chains of thermal treatment plants. In order to define calibration intervals precisely and establish the necessary measurement series, we work as far as possible with your own in-house quality assurance department.